Who We Can Help

You !
We will find a solution to your medevac needs whatever your circumstances, whoever is affected by injury or illness away from home. Individuals, family members, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies – Anyone.

Ozevac can provide the answers to the aeromedical repatriation needs for:


For many people, the unfortunate event is covered by an insurance policy, but others find themselves without anyone to turn to for medical advice, assistance or even medical evacuation. We are here to help no matter what the circumstances might be.

Some people are not acutely unwell or injured but are still unable to fly easily on their own and a family member or friend is unable to accompany them. They may purely have need of assistance to enable them to meet their personal needs during the flight.

Assistance, travel & health insurance companies

You may have specific needs for a patient in our region. You may need the patient transferred to a designated meeting point or admitted safely into a well located hospital, while they await the next phase of the repatriation. The options are varied and we are flexible and responsive to your specific requests.

We can carry out as much or as little of the entire case management as you require.

Private Industry and Hospitals

We are approached by an increasing number of companies and hospitals who ‘self fund’ our type of medical services as they are needed.  Many hospitals and other Health organisations find themselves providing immediate care for patients, who live interstate or overseas and require assistance to return to a hospital nearer home for ongoing or long term care.

Some patients need help to travel to and from many locations, both nationally and internationally to access the specialised care they need in a particular centre.

Embassies & consulates

Many patients may turn to an Embassy or Consulate for help in an emergency, who in turn can contact us.

Whether you are an individual needing help or a large organisation exploring all the available services, we are available to answer your inquiry at any time, 24 hours of every day.